Curved Line Graph

Dave Fumberger


Create beautiful curved bezier line graphs with this simple to use component.

  • Points - Comma seperated list of values
  • Labels - Comma seperated list of labels to show on X Axis
  • X Scale - Spacing of the x axis
  • X Offset - Number of pixels to shift the view horizontally. Can be used to scroll the graph.
  • Y Max - Y value to scale the graph to
  • Line Color - Color of the line
  • Line Width - Width of the line
  • X Labels - Show / hide x-axis labels
  • Y Labels - Show / hide y-axis labels
  • Show Dots - Show / hide dots on the curve


v1.2.0 - 19 Mar 2019

Added x axis labels. Improve UI controls

v1.0.0 - 12 Mar 2019

Initial Release


  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Updated: 5 months ago
  • License: MIT


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