Web UI Kit

Edoardo Mercati

Web UI Kit

Say hello to the all-new Framer Web UI Kit, the perfect complement to any web designer’s toolkit. It contains an extensive amount of components and pre-made content blocks that adapt across multiple screen sizes. Download this kit and design your next website or web app in Framer today!

  • Buttons — Each includes default, active, hover and disabled state.
  • Data Charts — Types include bar, line, pie and others.
  • Input Fields — One line, multi-line, dropdowns, radios in all states.
  • Navigation — Top and side navs in various combinations.
  • Popovers — Including tooltips, calendars and filters.
  • Tables — Come in three different variations.


  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Updated: 4 months ago
  • License: MIT


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