Location Lookup

Elliot Nolten

Location Lookup

Use this component if you need to look up a location (Duch locations only). Look for cities, postal codes and street names including house numbers.

There are few things to customize.

Property Type
Value String
Placeholder String
Padding Fused
Search Color Color
Result Color Color
Select Color Color
Select Background Color
Font Size Number
Radius Number
Max amount Number

This package uses open source data from PDOK (Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart). Which is an initiative of several Dutch ministries and aims to make Dutch geodata publicly available.



  • Added keyboard navigation to go through results.
  • Added Value and Placeholder to custom properties.
  • You can set a custom maximum amount of results.


  • Improved keyboard navigation. Going through the results with your arrow keys now updates the value in the search field.
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