Magic Move

Henrique Gusso

Animate components without using code

  1. Create a design component with ⌘+K, and at least one instance of it with ⌘+D.
  2. Double click on your instances to change the children’s properties you want to animate.
  3. Connect Magic Move to one of the instances as its Initial state, and to any other instances as ✦︎ Events to be triggered.
  4. Preview and be happy forever ✨

Supported Components

Only Frames animate as of right now. However you can wrap anything in a Frame (such as Text and Stacks) to be able to animate its position, rotation and opacity.

Any component inside a Stack will not animate, but you can press ⌘+⌫ to unwrap the children and maintain their location before creating your animations.

Trigger Events

Event Description
Automatic Initiates the animation when the Frame is rendered on the screen.
Tap Tapping the target, also triggers on mouse click.
Tap Start Touching the target.
Tap End Releasing your finger from the target.
Mouse Over Moving the mouse over the target.
Mouse Leave Moving the mouse away from the target.

Animatable Properties

Property Observations
Background Solid colors only.

Version History

• Support for new events: Tap Start, Tap End, Mouse Over, Mouse Leave
• Connected Frames are now previewed on Property Panel.
• Improved rendering speed to stop errors on the canvas.

• Parent Frame properties are now animatable: background, opacity, rotation

• Initial release.

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